“When I was 15, my parents took me to New York City,” recalls Empty Hats lead singer, Carl Asch, “where we happened upon a street performer reciting Shakespearean sonnets to a captivated crowd.  Watching this man hold and delight his audience, I felt I was glimpsing my own future.”

And indeed he was.  In the ensuing decades, Carl found himself continually discovering and developing his talents.  He studied classical guitar at The American Institute of Guitar in NYC, languages at SUNY-New Patlz and variety performing on streets and stages in the U.S., Paris, London, Milan (where he got arrested), Venice, and Seville.  Folk Festivals, Renaissance Faires, Concert Halls, casinos, two World’s Faires and the hundreds of thousands of people who frequent them have been among his many supporters.

Today, Carl interweaves his skills as a musician, juggler, ropewalker, and magician with his unique gift for personally touching each member of his audience.  Whether performing solo, with the band, or with his 20-year-old son Caleb, Carl Asch will enchant and uplift you.

Be sure to hear Carl as guest artist on the new CD from Marina Vittoria “For the People”

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