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How do you describe ageless, timeless beauty...?!  Well Looney Lucy, n’est pas? (That’s French)

A cross between Cindy Crawford & Elle Macpherson (“while decomposing,” Giacomo adds.) Lucy brings smiles to all who aren’t too jealous of her beauty to approach Venus, but with arms!

Fashion consultant?
Who can argue with her fashion sense?  Certainly not King Henry VIII for whom she has served as haberdasher (that’s French!)

Her delightful, as well as delectable, couplets have pleased none other than Sir Walter Raleigh (Wally) and Robert Dudley (Bobby baby).

To all…in varying degrees, depending upon age & gender!

Her mobile home, complete with garden, kitchenette, and dead petting zoo offers an abode to gifts from her many admirers   Eat your hearts out!  Her “men wanted” adverts around the shire have been answered by many (she thanks the men!)


Whether tutoring her beloved Daffy Duke aka The Duke of Tazworth, or counseling those less gifted in fashion, her hugs are free as well as her advice. 



The beauty mark, placed oh so perfectly upon her nose, lures one into her love zone, or is it that her entry zone, no, her love zone!  For the more “colorful” side of Lucy






As if that’s not enough for this sex kitten, she still finds time to bang her drum and sing with Empty Hats

And you can have her in your very own home, without all of the messy wax buildup, by purchasing a Looney Lucy Doll.  Giacomo says “take her, please!”



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