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Empty Hats is an enthusiastic, passionate, and charming band that surprises and delights fans from ages 3 to 93 with their acoustic blend of traditional and original celtic music. These merry musicians travel all over the country performing at Renaissance Faires, Pubs, Concert Halls, and more. From playing a rollicking tune for Henry VIII to serenading the hosts of NBC’s Today Show, the music of Empty Hats has spanned centuries. Contact us for booking info, or just to say “Hi”!

The Band

Carl Asch

Carl Asch


Hailing from New Jersey, Carl Asch has studied classical guitar at The American Institute of Guitar, Languages at SUNY-New Paltz, and the art of street and stage performance by traveling the world with nothing more than a guitar and a set of juggling clubs.
Asch has delighted audiences all over the United States, as well as Paris, London, Milan, and Seville. Today, he weaves his many skills together with his unique gift for personally touching each member of his audience. Carl Asch will enchant and uplift you.
(Ask him about the time he got arrested in Milan!)

Darin Graves

Darin Graves


Darin Graves has a passion for music and has been playing fiddle for 17 years. His love for Celtic music has been growing since 2005 when he joined his first Irish band.
Darin enjoys playing at local Irish sessions along with playing at coffee shops sitting in with other bands.
At times Darin may work in the recording studio as a utility musician filling in the desired sounds wanted by the artist. Darin is also the owner of Structural Healing Center in Tampa, FL. He specializes in Structural Energetic Therapy. This therapy helps people get out of acute and chronic pain.

Lynda Kavy

Lynda Kavy


Born with red hair, natural rhythm, and the gift of gab, Lynda uses all three when performing and playing the bodhran.
Being an actress and a comedienne for over forty years (oy vey!) has served to enhance her presence onstage and in front of audiences old and young.
Vitality, passion, and humor are the three words to describe her core values. “Love through laughter” is her mission statement!

Gary Mazzu

Gary Mazzu


Gary has been a professional director and musician since the last century. He has been Artistic Director of various Renaissance Festivals including the Colorado Renaissance Festival and the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
On the stage, Gary has directed many of Shakespeare’s works, as well as Larry Bograd’s “Ludlow”, Lee Blessing’s “A Walk in the Woods.”, and “Catch Me If You Can” starring MASH’s Jamie Farr.
As a musician, Gary has performed with Empty Hats since its inception. As performing is his first love, it is always a pleasure to perform this high energy Celtic music with Carl, Lynda, and friends.


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